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    Curve IT – our technology partner

    Brighton-based Curve IT is taking care of all of the technology requirements at British Airways i360 – delivering site-wide Wi-Fi (including the glass pod), building the network, providing IT support and project managing the tech for the entire build.

    Simon O’Hare set up Curve IT in Brighton in 2008, establishing the business as a respected, reliable and highly responsive provider of premium IT support services throughout Brighton, London and the whole of the South East.

    From the very beginning, Simon and his small team prided themselves not only getting the job done quickly and to the highest possible standards, but also on their strict lack of unnecessaries. This meant no pointless paperwork, no deliberate confounding of the client with industry gobbledegook and absolutely, positively no wasted time.

    As a result of this no-nonsense approach, Curve IT’s reputation as a down-to-earth, crystal-clear and 100% effective provider of solutions to any technological problems has soared. Consequently, eight years of hard work have brought growth and steady expansion, while its range of services and levels of expertise have also increased exponentially.

    Although IT support is still fundamental to their core business, today it’s only a small fraction of the wide range of services they provide. This means that as well as IT support, security services, network installations, remote working solutions, disaster resolution and VoIP services, Curve IT also offer:

    • cutting-edge consultancy across a wide variety of sectors, specialising in construction and events
    • Wi-Fi network expertise that includes Wi-Fi scans, mobile signal scans and Wi-Fi network build-outs (see below and their work with the British Airways i360)
    • high-profile IT infrastructure planning and project management
    • mastery of both indoor and outdoor events, where they can provide Wi-Fi networks with uplinks through leased line or satellite to hundreds of thousands of people.

    Connecting Up British Airways i360

    Although they have never lost their passion for supporting the small businesses with whom they made their name, these days Curve IT are able to take on much bigger projects, including of course, one of their proudest collaborations to date: British Airways i360.

    British Airways initially asked Curve IT to deliver emergency high speed internet. When that job was a resounding success, however, the original remit expanded – then it expanded again, and again, until eventually Curve IT had become absolutely instrumental in developing and delivering tech solutions for the entire project.

    Here’s a small selection of some of the specific work Curve IT have completed for British Airways i360.

    • they have designed and implemented all of the Wi-Fi and public Wi-Fi networks
    • they have project managed the technology as a whole, including looking after a lot of other contractors involved in the build
    • they have been involved in essential problem-solving activities, managing eventually to ensure that the glass pod will be online

    Curve ITThroughout all of their work for British Airways i360, Curve IT have brought the same passion and approachability that has made them one of the most respected tech companies in the country.

    To see how they can help you, visit their website today, or drop into their office at 11 Old Steine, Brighton, for a chat.

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