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Community engagement

We are a socially responsible company funded through a Public-Private Partnership, and we are aiming to make a positive impact on the local community in Brighton and Hove.

Living Wage

We are proud to be the first tourism employer in Brighton and Hove that has committed to the Living Wage. We expect to employ nearly 200 people at our site and believe that by paying a decent wage, we can attract the best people to work for us who will in turn deliver outstanding service to our guests. Find out more.

Regenerating the seafront

We have committed to paying 1% of our ticket revenues to the city. This payment will be made every single year (even when we’ve repaid our Public Works Loan Board loan). This money has been ear-marked for the seafront and immediate area near British Airways i360 including Preston Street and Regency Square.

Free rides for school children

Every child attending a state school in Brighton and Hove will have the opportunity to visit British Airways i360 at least once for free in their school career. We hope to inspire the next generation of engineers and architects with the awe inspiring tower. We will develop free curriculum resources across the key stages in maths, design, technology and science. Find out more.

Transport improvements

We will be investing a total of £77,000 into improvements in transport. This includes contributions towards public transport, vehicular and pedestrian signage to our site and subway lighting. We meet regularly with the Council’s transport team. We are campaigning with the Tourism Alliance for a park n’ ride facility for the city.

West Pier restoration

British Airways i360 has restored the beautiful original 1866 West Pier tollbooths, which are now our West Pier Tea Room and ticket office. We are also providing financial support to the West Pier Trust, which is aiming to create a heritage centre near our site, runs a schools programme and plans to create a new pier, ultimately securing their future. Find out more.


We are already fundraising for our selected local charity, Trust in Developing Communities.  We have also participated in fundraising activities for Rockinghorse, Sussex Beacon and the Martlets.

Discounts for local residents

Brighton and Hove residents are able to visit British Airways i360 for up to half the price tourists will pay as part of a membership scheme.

Anyone with a BN1, BN2, BN3 or BN41 postcode can register for an annual membership at just £1 – a nominal fee to cover the cost of the membership card. Students studying at either of Brighton and Hove’s two universities will also be eligible.

The Resident Membership card entitles you to adult, student or senior tickets for just £7.50. Under 15s will be just £5.

There are some restrictions on when reduced tickets can be used during the peak tourist season for example, weekends in July and August are exempt.  Members also benefit from special offers on events at British Airways i360, in the Belle Vue restaurant and our shop.  These offers will be communicated to members in regular newsletter updates and on our social media accounts.

Local companies

We are championing local companies; we want to harness all the amazing home-grown talent in Brighton and Sussex. We advertise all tenders locally and we are already working with a growing list of local suppliers. Find out more.


We are aiming to set a new benchmark in sustainability. Our vertical cable car and building use very little energy and 100% of our energy will be green. We will generate 50% of the power for our vertical cable car by capturing energy from the pod as it descends. Our restaurant will serve locally sourced food and compost food waste. Find out more.

Community communication

During our construction, our Public Liaison Officer, Ruth Chapman, regularly met with our neighbours, and members of our team frequently give presentations to local civic and business groups. We communicate our upcoming events through our newsletter and social media.

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