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The entire British Airways i360 site only uses ‘green energy’ and the pod’s descent generates 50% of the energy required to power its ascent.

Observation pod

The energy usage of British Airways i360 is very low for a project of its size: less than 1 kilowatt-hour per visitor. This is roughly equivalent to a passenger sitting on a bus for a 1.5 mile journey. As a whole, the pod uses a similar amount of electricity to a medium sized restaurant.

One of the most exciting aspects of British Airways i360 is that we create energy to power the observation pod at our site. As the pod descends, it generates energy. We capture this and are able to generate enough energy for 50% of the energy required to power its ascent.

The building

A range of innovative design techniques have been used during construction, including using natural ventilation to cool the building. Consumption of fresh water  is minimised by using low flow wash basins and water-efficient dishwashing equipment while the viewing pod itself has thermal insulation, double glazing and mechanical ventilation to minimise energy usage.

Electricity is the only energy source used in operating British Airways i360, and it comes entirely from renewable energy sources.

We use low energy lighting throughout the attraction and A+ rated appliances in our kitchen.

Local produce

All of the drinks served on board our Nyetimber Sky Bar are locally sourced and the food in our restaurants includes produce that has been caught, reared and grown in Sussex.


Packaging of merchandise is biodegradable when possible and kept to a minimum, and we encourage suppliers to deliver goods in reusable containers. We have recycling waste bins throughout our site for use by our customers and our staff.


During our construction we sent as little material as possible to land fill. For example, the crane mat was constructed from shingle excavated from our basement. Our crane ‘cleaned’ the air – so much so that studies have shown that in large cities the air emitted from the exhaust is cleaner than the air it sucks in!


Visitors have many sustainable transport options to reach us: by bike, train, coach or bus.

Our team are encouraged to cycle, walk or take public transport to work. We have no company cars or parking permits. We provided dedicated cycle storage, showers and changing facilities.

Open up the landscape of Sussex

From our glass viewing pod you can enjoy amazing views of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, South Downs National Park and Sussex coastline in all its glory.

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