Aroe and a group of top graffiti artists at the i360

A team of top graffiti artists will attempt to cover 100 metres of hoardings at the i360 site this weekend after being brought together by local graffiti artist Aroe.

It will be the second time the site’s hoardings are handed over to graffiti artists, with Aroe and his collaborators having already decorated part of the site back in September last year.

On that occasion Aroe was joined by regular companions Gary, Rebus and Radios. Aroe, Gary and Rebus will return on Sunday August 9 from 11am to once again leave their indelible mark on the area but this time they will be accompanied by an array of other, equally-talented local artists including Jiroe, Vodka, Morf, Warg, Ster and Past, as well as Yes B from Essex, Rench from Reading, Nottingham’s Alert and Europeans Twesh (Italy) and Relay (Germany) who both now live in the UK.

Said Aroe, “We’re bringing a crack team of graffiti artists down to the beach on Sunday and we’re all excited to have such a big new slate to work on.”

street-artWhere street artists uses stencils or projections to aid the artist, graffiti is free hand and last time out Aroe, Gary and Rebus attracted quite a crowd. Aroe recently painted an artwork of a naked Kim Kardashian on the side of a house in Oxford Place in Brighton, and earlier this year painted a giant Homer and Bart Simpson in Hartingdon Road, Brighton.


Eleanor Harris, chief executive at the i360, decided to invite the graffiti artists to return after being impressed by Aroe et al’s previous work – not just on the attraction’s construction site but also elsewhere in the city.


She said: “Brighton and Hove is an incredibly creative city and we want our hoardings to reflect that and not just be left blank. We had a really positive reaction last time and, when we put up some additional hoardings when the tower erection started this summer, Aroe approached us about painting those boards too.

“Being on the seafront our hoardings do weather more than in most locations, but we hope the new artwork will last until the i360 opens next summer. The graffiti as well as our infographics about the i360 are proving incredibly popular with passers-by.

“We have 100 metres of hoardings waiting to be covered and the artists have complete control over what they create. We cannot wait to see what they come up with.”

We expect the painting to start at 11am on Sunday 9th August on the south side of the i360 hoardings (next to the ‘construction road’) and to continue for most of the day.

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