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Welcome to the i360 blog

Welcome to the i360 blog! We timed the first entry to begin on the day of financial closure although not many people know that getting to this point has already taken ten years of hard work. Just today the final contracts have been signed (approximately 100 of them!) marking the official start to the project (official in that we can now talk openly on media and social media).

It’s worth mentioning that there has been a lot of speculation on and offline about i360 funding, so we’ve updated the website with all the correct details and we’re happy to field questions on social media too. We’ve also had an overwhelming amount of positivity and support getting to this point, so thank you all!

IMG_20140618_203244 (1)

As for financial close today, we’re happy and not a little relieved that this crucial day has come and gone so we can leap enthusiastically on the next big step – preparing the ground for work to begin. Deep breath…

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