Graffiti Gorillas and Gulls Make Their Mark on the i360

What have a giant doughnut hotel, a seagull, a gorilla and a Donnie Darko inspired rabbit got in common with the Brighton i360? Well, Graffiti of course!

Brighton i360 Graffiti Art Event with Morf

Following on from the previous graffiti event last August, Brighton graffiti artist, Aroe returned with another talented crew.

Local graffiti artists Gary, Rebus, Jiroe, Vodka, Morf, Warg, Ster and Past, as well as Yes B from Essex, Rench from Reading, Nottingham’s Alert and Europeans Twesh, from Italy and Relay, from Germany, (who both now live in the UK).

It was a stunning day, with bright blue skies to accompany the flurry of activity, as the Graffiti artists set about covering 100 metres of hoardings.

Spontaneous Reactions

What is fascinating about the Graffiti artists process is their spontaneity. Warp created a rough preliminary sketch beforehand and Aroe had brought some album art, he’d found lying about the previous night, as inspiration. However, on the day, all of the artists simply got to work, creating their masterpieces, adhoc and in the moment. No stencils, projections or guides.

Aroe Graffiti Artist at the Brighton i360


When asked about taking part in the event, Aroe said:

Brighton is such a great city and has such tolerance of people who want to express themselves. This is such a forward thinking idea of the i360…I truly believe that some of the best paintings we’ve ever done have been created here today.

That’s exactly the spirit of the city that our chief executive Eleanor Harris wanted to capture, when she welcomed the Graffiti artists to return to the site on Sunday. Eleanor says:

“One of the things I love about this city is the creative buzz. From the number of freelance digital, media and creative people you meet to the independent shops in the Lanes and seafront, and the vibrant graffiti on the walls.”

Graffiti ARt Event with Aroe at the Brighton i360

Public Positivity

The event attracted great crowds with lots of people taking time to chat to the artists and watch them work. As we wondered about, we could hear lots of positive comments about the Graffiti and also the i360.

Alert, an artist originally from Nottingham, said:

It’s good for the public to get first-hand experience of graffiti. To see how it’s crafted and how each individual artist approaches their piece.

Local resident, Gemma, aged 12 was particularly enthusiastic:

“It’s interesting to watch the graffiti because every artist has a different way of expressing their art…I feel excited about the i360 opening next year.”

Gemma’s mum, Chris was equally positive. As a local resident, she knew about the project, but didn’t know much about the details. Enticed by the Graffiti (and perhaps a little encouragement from her daughters!), she had come to the seafront to enjoy the Graffiti event and subsequently, taken some time to read the information boards we have here on site:

I didn’t know much about the i360, but coming here today has helped fill in the gaps…I didn’t realise there was going to be the restaurants or conference facilities for example. It’s really good the local residents are going to get a discount and local children are getting a free educational visit, incorporated into the curriculum. It’s all very exciting for Brighton!

Rebus Graffiti Artist at the Brighton i360

As the i360 will offer new views of the city, the Graffiti artists we had here on Sunday, took the opportunity to create a new perspective on the seafront through their art and creativity, one which reflects our vibrant city. We would like to extend our thanks to all of the artists involved.

We welcome you all to visit the site and enjoy the amazing Graffiti art on view. Do continue to share your images of the site, tower and graffiti on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. We love looking at them!

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