Tilt – our digital media partner

Tilt is an award-winning creative agency that specialises in connected brand experiences through film, motion graphics, and interactive design.

We are guided by a simple principle: reject the status quo. This defines everything we do, whether we’re working on complex digital learning projects for global businesses, or one-off digital solutions for brand campaigns. The output? Memorable digital experiences that get results. We have worked for some of the worlds biggest companies, from BP, Barclays, Nickledoeon and the BBC. We love what we do and we love to create experiences that surprise and delight our audience.

We work across the following areas:

Creative content for brands and business

We love taking a brief and coming up with ideas way beyond a client’s expectations. From ads, indents and short films, to interactive games, animations and websites, we design content and platforms that make people sit up and take notice.

Redefining Internal Communications

We have a simple philosophy: treat internal communications with the same respect, craft and creativity as any other channel. It’s an approach that has helped us change the way many large organisations communicate with and educate their employees – from BP and Barclays to Reliance; India’s largest private company.

Graduate attraction and retention

Talent attracts talent. We help clients to recruit the brightest graduates by showcasing what makes their organisations great places to build a career. From intuitive graduate portals, to engaging recruitment films, we’ve helped the likes of BP, ICAP and some of the world’s biggest law firms to land the smartest grads on the block.