Responsible Business

British Airways i360 seeks to lift people’s spirits by celebrating, engaging with and giving back to the natural and man-made environments that are viewable from the pod.

The attraction was built with sustainability at its heart and everyone working here is committed to delivering responsible operations through each area of the business. This is demonstrated in our careful environmental and site management, ethical recruitment and people policies, traceable local supply chains, meaningful community relationships and a business model which delivers back to the city of Brighton & Hove.




  • ENERGY: All energy to the site is electric and from renewable sources through Ecotricity. No fossil fuels are burned and carbon emissions are kept to a minimum.
  • More than 50% of the energy needed to power the pod upwards is captured again on its descent.
  • Our heating and air conditioning systems are powered by high-efficiency air-source heat pumps which reuse energy, increasing efficiency by up to 28% when compared to other solutions.
  • We use low-energy LED lighting across the site and appliances are A+ rated.
  • WASTE: All waste is disposed of responsibly and nothing is sent to landfill.
  • During construction, shingle excavated from our basement was re-used on site or sent to Shoreham beach to help reduce longshore drift.
  • Cleaning products do not contain bleach or other harmful compounds.
  • There are recycling points across the site for customers and staff.
  • TRANSPORT: Sustainable modes of transport are promoted to visitors and for those that wish to drive, the Park and Ride is advertised. Pedestrian signage around the city directs visitors to the site on foot.


  • British Airways i360 has created around 160 new local jobs and around 70% of staff live within 5 miles of the attraction. This enables many to walk, cycle or take public transport to work.
  • We are a family-friendly employer and offer a variety of roles and contract types to enable flexibility.
  • We are one of the few tourism businesses in the city to pay the Local Living Wage and in addition we pay overtime or offer time in lieu. We do not offer zero-hours contracts.
  • We offer apprenticeships and also work with local support charities to provide openings for young people with learning difficulties.
  • Some 35% of staff have more than 2 years’ service.


  • SKY BAR: Our Sky Bar is proudly 100% Sussex sourced, from Nyetimber to Southdowns Water, locally blended Hoogly Tea, Harveys Ale and Brighton Gin. We also sell Sussex Ice Cream and our own bespoke Brighton Rock is made in Lancing.
  • SHOP: We offer carefully selected well designed objects for adults and children that elevate the everyday and are both useful and beautiful. At least 50% of our suppliers are UK-based, with 33% based in Sussex.
  • All our bespoke artwork has been created by artists with local links, many of whom live and work in Brighton or Sussex.
  • One of our best-selling items is our Re-useable, Recyclable Travel Mug, made in the UK. Our Flying Disc is also made of recycled plastics, made in the UK.
  • We offer customers paper bags and recycled tissue paper to carry home their purchases.
  • RESTAURANT/CATERING: around 50% of the ingredients served in the West Beach Bar & Kitchen are sourced locally and we only purchase from nominated suppliers.
  • All food suppliers are vetted for quality and safety as part of a routine audit.
  • We were one of the first Brighton businesses to sign up to a local No Plastic Straws policy.
  • BUSINESS SERVICES: Supplies such as finance, IT and CCTV are also sourced locally where possible – see our list of Commercial Partners.


  • RESIDENTS: Those living in central Brighton & Hove can enjoy half-price tickets year-round plus discounts in our shop and restaurant.
  • To date we have given more than 40,000 free tickets to state school children and this continues with the new school intakes each year.
  • CHARITIES: We have supported, and continue to support, a large number of local charities and our team take part in regular beach cleans.
  • WEST BEACH: The attraction has been the catalyst for the development of a new leisure and business area at West Beach, spurring economic renewal and driving footfall to this area of the beach.
  • GIVING BACK: Thanks to a funding partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council, the city has earned an income from brokering the major loan, which it has used to regenerate the seafront around us. The city also receives 1% of ticket sales from the attraction in perpetuity to invest in the built environment around the site, plus other income from business rates and increased use of nearby council facilities.


  • MAGIC MEMORIES understands that an element of our business creates an element of waste, however we mitigate this by having sustainable supply chain and operational process at all of our operations. We also have a very transparent supply chain and all photo-books are printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited paper using inks with limited environmental impact.
  • When a photo-book is not sold, we reuse the book and accessories (keyring/magnet set). The only thing remaining is the photo paper itself which is also FSC accredited and ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free). We recycle all unsold photos and we continuously monitor and audit our suppliers both domestically and internationally to make sure they follow socially responsible practices.
  • We choose like-minded partners who are ISO rated,  for example, all consumables and cartridges on our printers are returned to the supplier. They are Environmental Choice Accredited, Energy Star Accredited and an aim to prevent all waste to landfill.
  • We appreciate any concern for the environment and am happy to share with you that we also treasure our environment and our New Zealand origin which means we are more conscious of this than many.