Sky Dining
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private sky dining

Enjoy a magical experience 450ft above the city’s sparkling night skyline

Sky Dining is truly a dining experience like no other, you’ll be served a welcome drink at ground level before indulging in a three-course fine dining meal onboard the BA i360 Viewing Pod. Watch as the sky darkens, the sun sinks into the sea and the stars appear overhead for a completely unique perspective of the city at night.

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14th February 2022 Valentine’s Day Sky Dining on BA i360. Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Your delicious starter will be served during the first 25-minute flight, followed by the main course during the second flight, and desserts and coffee during the final flight. There will be a break between each flight to use the facilities at ground level.

Sky Dining evenings feature in the BA i360 calendar several times a year – sign up to the newsletter to be notified when the next one goes on sale.

For a truly unique and memorable private event, Sky Dining on the British Airways Viewing Pod can be booked exclusively.

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