Fireworks and Lighting Display NEW DATE


We’re excited to announce the fireworks and lighting display on the British Airways i360 tower, will take place on the evening of Saturday 13th August 2016.

The display was postponed on our opening day due to high winds affecting the firework launch vessel’s journey to Brighton.

British Airways i360 Fireworks on beach

Artist Impression. CGI by F10 Studios

The colourful display, lasting approximately 15 minutes, is scheduled to start at 10pm. For a great view of the display, head south of British Airways i360 to the beach.

Information regarding Fireworks Boarding Deck tickets

Members of the public who purchased tickets for the original event on 4th August will have their places automatically transferred to watch the event on Saturday 13th August.

If you do not have a Fireworks Boarding Deck ticket for British Airways i360 please note these are SOLD OUT and no tickets are available. If you do not have a ticket please head to the beach for the best views.

The fireworks display is by local company Frontier Fireworks, who recently performed the display that launched Brighton Fringe Festival earlier this year. The fireworks and lighting will be set to sound provided by Avensys, based in Crawley.

Lighting the tower

The tower’s lighting is designed by specialist Do-Architecture (DO were commissioned by Brighton & Hove Council to mark the brick arches supporting the London Road Viaduct)

The concept for the lighting at the top of the tower is that it ‘breathes’, gently brightening and fading at the average rate of a person breathing at rest.

The overall effect of the lighting on the tower and viewing pod together emulates British Airways colours of red, white and blue.


Rainbow lighting for Brighton Pride 2016. Image by Kevin Meredith

The tower lights can also be programmed to display a range of options for matching colours and patterns of light to important city and global events, from festivals and launches to memorials and charity days.

The first was Brighton Pride, when the tower was lit in slowly revolving rainbow colours to celebrate the occasion.


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