A meeting of minds

June 25th, 2014 | 2 min read

Wave Bottom

Yesterday marked a great milestone for the Brighton i360: it saw the conclusion of the first team meeting, where some of the very best minds in the construction industry came together under one roof.

Each firm involved in the i360 team has been carefully selected for their strong credentials and long-standing reputation for excellence. We’re really proud to be working with such a great combination of local, national and international talent.

Here are the team:

  • Hemsley Orrell Partnership (HOP) – based in Hove, HOP have worked on many local projects including the construction of Brighton Marina. Together with Jacobs, HOP will be managing the engineering of the project.
  • J T Mackley – based seven miles outside of Brighton, local contractor Mackley’s is a specialist in marine construction projects, having worked on the building of the overflow storm drain on Brighton Beach and the strengthening of both piers. They will be carrying out the ground-works and building the i360 conference centre.
  • Jacobs Engineering – global engineers specialising in major leisure facility projects, including visitor attractions and passenger carrying rides, Jacobs will be project managers and chief engineers of the i360.
  • Marks Barfield Architects – award-winning architects David Marks and Julia Barfield were the team behind the London Eye, the Kew Tree Top Walkway and iconic gallery The Lightbox. The London-based team conceived the i360 project.
  • Hollandia – Main contractor Hollandia, who built the steel structures for the London Eye, the Gherkin and Wembley Stadium, will be responsible for the construction and erection of the steel tower in sections.
  • Poma – based in France, Poma is Europe’s leading cable car manufacturer and creator of the London Eye. They are responsible for constructing the i360 pod, which will be large enough to contain 200 visitors with a birds eye view standing side by side.

Individually, they’re all leaders in their field – together, they’re the team that’s going to make the i360 vision a reality.