Brighton: star of the silver screen

August 29th, 2014 | 2 min read

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As many of you probably know, last night marked the launch of Brighton’s first ever local TV channel! Latest TV Brighton will be broadcasting a range of programmes, short films and documentaries, all centred around the local area.

But it’s not just a victory for great entertainment – as channel director David Cuff observes, local businesses and organisations stand to benefit: “TV is proven to be the world’s most powerful advertising medium,” he said. “Latest TV is making TV affordable and accessible to local businesses…those that use TV will prosper and the presence of a commercial, local TV channel in our region is boosting the local economy.”

By having a platform from which to reach larger audiences, Latest TV will help local businesses to thrive, thereby contributing to the economic regeneration of the area.

As this is exactly what we’re also trying to achieve with the i360, we thought it timely to get involved. That’s why we’ve agreed to be official sponsors of the weather channel. If you were watching at 6.25pm, 7.55pm, 10.55pm, 12.25am, 1.55am or (hardcore fans) 4.55am, you will have seen our advert right after the news:

We’re thrilled to be involved in a project that’s so good for Brighton – but it’s also great for the i360, giving us a good level of exposure during the construction process and in the run-up to our opening in 2016. As our Chief Executive Eleanor Harris said yesterday: “We are delighted to support this exciting new local TV channel.

“The Brighton i360 will be sponsoring the weather on Latest TV meaning our adverts will reach nearly half a million homes in the Brighton area. The i360 will enable visitors to glide up to 450 feet to get a sky high view of the weather. We will also be partnering with Latest to produce short promotional films about the i360, which we will be showing to our visitors and online in the coming months.”

*Latest TV Brighton is broadcasting 24/7 on Freeview Channel 8 and Virgin Media 159. Coming soon to Sky customers and online. For more information see