Introducing J.T. Mackley

July 2nd, 2014 | 2 min read

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Some of you will have noticed the arrival of materials and machines at the i360 site over the last few days. Our contractor, J. T. Mackley, has begun preparing the ground to allow construction works to begin.

Mackley is a local construction firm in every sense of the word. They’re based in Small Dole (near Shoreham), only seven miles out of Brighton, and have worked on many big projects on Brighton beach over the years. These include the construction of the storm drain during the late 1990s, reconstruction of the colonnades and arches, and strengthening work on both piers.

Mackley’s first task for the i360 is to construct an access road across part of the beach. This is required for safety reasons: it will carry construction vehicles over the course of the build (to avoid creating traffic on the road itself), and part of it will include a pedestrian walkway that will serve as a diverted footpath for the public. Work for this will start on Monday 7 July and is due to be completed by the end of July.

We have tried to make the road as unobtrusive as possible, taking on board feedback from the public and local businesses in order to minimise disruption. For example: in light of your suggestions, we have aimed to limit the visual impact of the barrier that will run around the building site by selecting a white barrier. We have also factored in an extra pedestrian crossing to help with access to seafront businesses, and are doing our utmost to make sure that businesses are able to trade as usual.


As for noise, we have also tried to minimise disturbance by limiting our working hours to Monday to Friday. It is extremely unlikely that Mackley would be required to work weekends, and if this were to happen we’d let the public know in advance. Mackley has also been working closely with businesses holding weekday weddings to avoid noise during ceremonies.

This is an exciting time for the i360 – but, for a few short weeks, it will also be a disruptive time, and we are doing all that we can to keep this at the lowest possible level. Come August the majority of the initial preparations will be in place, and businesses will start to see the benefits of increased footfall in the area.

We apologise in advance for any disturbance, large or small, over the next few weeks. Please email [email protected] with any suggestions, comments or complaints.