Jacking tower ready for first lift

July 14th, 2015 | 3 min read

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The jacking tower is scheduled to make its first lift this week – with the engineering team hoping to insert the next can on Thursday.

As with a lot of the work on site, that plan is dependent on suitable weather, but if all goes according to plan, the jacking tower should remove can three, lift up cans 14 to 17, and insert can 13.

A detailed explanation of how the jacking tower works can be found HERE. Can three has been in place in the tower because the engineering team needed to be working at certain heights while preparing the jacking tower. Now that preparation is complete, can three can be removed ready for can 13 to be inserted. The reason can three was used rather than just using can 13 to start with is because the cans vary in height and can three afforded the team the height needed for the work.

Last week the crane team carried out a partial trial run, lifting a can onto the skidding track, carrying out some checks and then removing it again.

Last week's trial run.

Last week’s trial run.

And ahead of this week’s jacking, David Marks and Julia Barfield – the architects who designed the i360 – visited the site to check on the progress and sample the views from the top of the 60metre jacking tower.

David Marks and Julia Barfield.

David Marks and Julia Barfield.

The pair were shown round the tower by Neal Mardon, the project manager from Hollandia, and said seeing the construction coming along so quickly had ramped up the excitement.

David Marks was particularly impressed with the engineering. He said: “It’s fantastic to see Hollandia’s preparations well underway for the first jacking.

“This will be an amazing engineering feat, which involves lifting the i360 tower more than 100 metres above the temporary jacking tower on the beach.”

David Marks and Neal Mardon.

David Marks and Neal Mardon.

Julia Barfield was equally impressed with the views already afforded by the jacking tower despite the fact that, at 60metres, it is around 100metres lower than the top of the i360 will be. She said: “The panoramic view from the top of the jacking tower 60metres above the beach is simply stunning.

“And it will be even better when viewed from the glass pod which will rise more than twice as high as the height of the jacking tower.”

The jacking is scheduled for Thursday but anyone who wants to watch the process from alongside the i360’s site should check on social media for timing updates. Either Like Brighton i360 on Facebook or follow @TheBrightoni360 on Twitter.