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A lot more than your average seaside stroll.

Walk 360 is an open air, heart-in-mouth walk on top – yes, on top – of the i360 pod. At 138 metres up, you’ll get all the stunning views of Brighton with the added thrill of being out in the elements. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted, but if you love a thrill then this is one walk you’ll never forget – and the reward is worth every adrenaline-fuelled step.

Walk 360 at Brighton i360 Viewing Tower

What is it?

Arrive at BA i360 to be greeted by our friendly team of Walk 360 instructors who will take you help you into your safety harness and brief you on this incredible experience.  You will board the giant glass viewing pod and glide up slowly to 138 metres high admiring the stunning views of Brighton and the coastline as you go.  Once at full height, you will be guided by an instructor to the ladder that is set between the pod and the tower.  You will be clipped onto a safety system to climb up this short ladder before being secured by your harness to the safety rail system on top of the pod.  

Adrenaline pumping, heart beating fast, your first step out into the elements on the top of the i360 pod at 138 metres high is sure to be totally exhilarating.  The open air 360 degree walk around the BA i360 tower gives you the chance to see the stunning coastal and city views from a totally new perspective. 

Your ticket includes two digital photographs that will capture you at different points on the Walk 360.  Take on the challenge of leaning back, arms spread out wide, with the 138 metres of Brighton and the south coast below you!  And make sure to smile! 

The whole experience lasts around 1 hour 30 minutes with a total of one hour spent on the BA i360 pod.  After you have finished your Walk 360 there will be time on the pod before it descends to reflect on your thrilling experience.  For friends and family that want to see you enjoy the Walk 360 but maybe not quite brave enough to undertake Walk 360 themselves, they can book a spectator ticket. The Sky Bar on the pod will be open for all participants and spectators (we respectfully request that Walk 360 participants do not drink alcohol until after they have enjoyed the Walk 360 experience). 

The Detail 

Walk 360 can be booked individually, as a group activity for friends (10% discount for 6+ tickets) or as a team-building adventure.  Prices from £40 per person. 

Friends and family can accompany you on the pod should they not wish to undertake the Walk 360.  Tickets are available at regular prices for spectators.  The flight time on the pod is extended for Walk 360 experiences so spectators will have a one-hour flight. 

If you are an individual looking to book a place on Walk 360, please book here. 

If you are a corporate group or charity – please email [email protected] or call 01273 448370 to enquire about booking Walk 360. 

Dates and Times 

Walk 360 operates throughout the year on selected dates.  Check latest dates and times here.  The Walk 360 experience lasts up to 1 hour and 30 minutes in total duration.

Click here to purchase Resident Membership and Annual Pass Holder tickets.